I am a freelance Graphic Designer working on a broad variety of different projects from concept visualization to website design and print publishing.

Whilst my roots are in print and publishing from my printmaking degree at university to my early jobs working at small print houses, I have since broadened the scope of my work to take on anything from exhibition design to art installations.

Every project has it's own set of problems and I pride myself on being versatile enough to come up with the solutions and not turn away from an opportunity simply because I have not done it before.

The world has changed beyond recognition in the 21st century and it is the nature of being in a creative industry that we are often at the forefront of that change.

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I understand that whilst design can often be one of the more exciting parts of a project, it can also be quite daunting with all of its technical aspects. Whether it's finding the best way to print out your marketing or how best to get the navigation on a website working properly, I am always happy to sit down and have a chat to try and find a solution.

Whether it's a fully formed project that is ready to go or simply an idea in the early stages I am happy to get involved and get it off the ground.

You've got this far down the page, so why not give me a call.

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